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waterproof flooring

Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof Flooring in Cypress and North West Houston


Do you need a floor that works as hard as you do? A floor that you can get wet without ever having to worry? Thanks to today’s technology, there are more waterproof flooring options than ever before: both soft-surface and hard-surface. At Boatman Carpet One Floor & Home in Cypress, we’re the experts on floors that can stand up to life’s splashes and spills. Our showroom is full of waterproof options to suit your needs, and our sales pros are here to help you find the flooring of your dreams!


Waterproof Vinyl


Vinyl is a top choice for those who want a product that can handle pets, kids, and messy guests. It mimics the look of hardwood or stone, and waterproof vinyl gives you the ability to install it in almost any space. Vinyl is also equipped with layers that make it dimensionally stable, and it’s ideal for creating a whole-home solution to your floors.


Waterproof Hardwood


Genuine hardwood floors are known for expanding and contracting with changes in humidity and weather. However, the innovative product, Hydrotek™, made it possible to get both the natural beauty of hardwood with waterproof capability. Our waterproof hardwood will impress you with its visual appeal


Waterproof Tile


Porcelain tile is 100% waterproof tile. It’s perfect for areas where you need tough, durable flooring, like kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, and laundry rooms. Porcelain tile is available in tons of styles, colors, patterns, and designs, so you can get a unique look in your space. Also, porcelain is easy to clean and maintain, which makes it an excellent choice for homes with active lifestyles.


Waterproof Carpet


Is it possible to have waterproof carpet? The answer is yes! Today’s technology has helped to create a waterproof backing that keeps liquids from seeping below the fibers of the flooring into the subfloor. Waterproof carpet is just as soft and luxurious as typical carpet; it just comes with more features!




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Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Sure, hardwood floors are beautiful, but with

your active household, you fear they won’t stay

beautiful for very long. Waterproof luxury vinyl is

a terrific alternative. While it looks nearly identical

to the real thing, this flooring won’t expand or

contract if it gets wet. We offer a great selection

of beautiful, easy-to-install waterproof vinyl options.




Tile Flooring

The addition of a tile floor is a surefire way to turn your space into an instant work of art. Our waterproof tile is a great option for bathrooms and kitchens, as well as outdoor living areas.



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Waterproof Carpet

Many of us still believe that carpeting is simply an

impossible choice for those living in flood-prone

areas, or for pet owners. The simple answer is: this

is no longer the case and no one has to abandon their dreams of wall-to-wall carpeting. We proudly carry an extensive selection of quality waterproof carpets, including Tigressa H2O.




Waterproof Hardwood Flooring

With its authentic hardwood visuals and

reimagined construction, Hydrotek is genuine

hardwood built for modern life. Its engineered

construction is tough enough to take on the

biggest spills and splashes, making hardwood

accessible for everyone.




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