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Vinyl Flooring in Cypress, TX

With greater Houston’s humid climate, solid hardwood floors won’t work for every space. The great news is that vinyl flooring looks and feels identical to the natural surfaces you love. Unlike genuine wood, vinyl flooring planks won’t scratch, stain, or buckle under pressure. Boatman Carpet One Floor & Home in Cypress, TX, is your destination for the best vinyl flooring.


What Types of Vinyl Flooring Are There?


Vinyl flooring comes in tiles and planks.



Is My Vinyl Floor Waterproof?


Not all vinyl flooring is fully waterproof, but many products are. Waterproof vinyl plank has features to keep liquid from damaging your floor’s surface and keeps liquid from seeping into your subfloor. Even if you don’t find a spill or pet accident right away, you can still clean it without worry. Each vinyl plank or tile has a fast-drying surface that’s stain-resistant. Additionally, waterproof vinyl has a rigid core layer that stops the floor from swelling and warping in humid conditions.


Where Can I Install Vinyl Floors?


Vinyl plank flooring can be installed in different areas of your home, depending on what type of it is. Vinyl tile is an excellent option for bathrooms and kitchens because it mimics traditional tile. Vinyl planks are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, playrooms, and offices, as well as finished attics and basements. Waterproof vinyl can go in mudrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, playrooms, and offices.

Find Your New Vinyl Floor in Our Store


At Boatman Carpet One Floor & Home in Cypress, TX, we provide vinyl flooring products in all the best brands to Northwest Houston. Please visit us soon to browse our flooring inventory or start shopping online today.




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Caring for Vinyl Flooring


Given its durability advantages, vinyl flooring is easy to clean and maintain. Spills can easily be removed from the floor without many long-term consequences.