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Carpet in Cypress, TX

Carpet continues to hold its spot as one of the nation’s most popular flooring options- and it’s easy to see why. Modern carpet is unmatched in its ability to add softness and comfort to any room. At Boatman Carpet One Floor & Home in Cypress, TX, we love carpet flooring for its endless color and style options; its extreme comfort; and its durability. Here’s the lowdown on our local carpet store and our carpet collection.

Many Different Types of Carpet


There are a vast number of carpet styles and features on the market today. Each type of carpet differs in its construction, durability, water resistance, stain-resistance, and more. Determining the best type of carpet for your home is best accomplished by first understanding more about your lifestyle. Do you have pets or children? Are you planning to install carpet in a high traffic area?

  • Cut Pile carpets are the most common carpet type today. Cut pile carpets are made from yarn that has been cut along the ends.

  • Velvet boasts untwisted non-heat set yarn that makes it soft to the touch.

  • Cable is ideal for a loose and informal look because of its thick yarn.

  • Shag crushes and mats easily because of the longer length of the yarn.

  • Frieze is much more mat-resistant with its highly twisted tufts and surface curl.

  • Saxony uses its heat set to provide a durable carpet with a tufted appearance

  • Loop Pile carpet works exceptionally well in higher traffic areas.

  • Level Loop provides a smooth look, with loops of the same height.

  • Multi-Loop Pile appears patterned, due to its piles of differing heights.

  • Combination Pile carpet takes elements from the previous types and combines then for a luxurious and unique presentation.


Where Can You Install Carpet?


The best areas to install carpet are rooms where you want the utmost comfort. Because carpet offers you the relaxing, soft, touch, bedrooms, living rooms, and even dens are ideal for carpet. In addition, certain types of carpet can be installed in areas like dining rooms, playrooms, stairs, and hallways, but only if they have built-in stain-resistance. Carpet should not be installed in any area where there is high moisture like a bathroom or kitchen. Not sure if wall-to-wall carpet is right for you? Consider a colorful, one-of-a-kind custom area rug.

Browse Our Carpet Selection


If you're looking for a new carpet, be sure to visit the experts at Boatman Carpet One Floor & Home. We've been serving the Northwest Houston area since 1933, so we know exactly how to help local customers make the perfect choice for their settings.

We’re -owned-and-operated member of Carpet One, the world’s largest cooperative of independent flooring stores, making us your local destination for carpet and related services. You’ll love our competitive product warranties. Please visit us today to explore our carpet displays.


More on Carpet


Carpet Care


Carpet maintenance may seem like a daunting responsibility, but fortunately we're here to help. Be sure to consider our instructions so that your carpet looks good and lasts for a long time.