One of the Most Versatile Flooring Options

Different Types of Carpet for your Lifestyle

Carpets are an incredible floor option that has so many different possibilities. When looking into carpet types, there are several different styles you need to consider.

Cut Pile carpets are the most common carpet type you will find in homes today. Cut pile carpets are made from yarn that has been cut along the ends. When considering a cut pile carpet, there are 5 specific styles to look into.
  • Velvet: The untwisted non-heat set yarn allows it to be soft to the touch
  • Cable: ideal for the loose and informal look because of its thick yarn
  • Shag: Crushes and mats easily because of the longer length of the yarn
  • Frieze: Is much more mat resistant with its highly twisted tufts and surface curl
  • Saxony: Uses its heat set to provide a durable carpet that has a tuft appearance
Another carpet style to consider is the loop pile carpet. This carpet works exceptionally well in higher traffic areas.
  • Level Loop: Provides a smooth look that is also even because the loops are the same height
  • Multi-Loop Pile: Has a pattern effect from the fact that the piles are different heights
The combination pile carpet takes elements from the previous types and combines then for a luxurious and unique presentation.
  • Random Shear: Deluxe texture that uses both the cut and uncut loops that are of different heights
  • Level and Cut Loop Pile: This style is made of both cut and loop piles for its own one-of-a-kind feel
  • Tip Shear: Has the same elements as the random shear only it does not have as noticeable of a visual appearance
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