An incredibly durable Product

Laminate Flooring

With so many different options, deciding on a new floor for your home can be overwhelming. That is where Boatman Carpet One Floor & Home is here to help. Laminate flooring is a great cost-effective alternative to other flooring options, such as hardwood.

Laminate is made up of layers that work together to combine and give you a beautiful product for your home. This flooring option was originally designed to replicate the look of hard surface flooring. As the years have gone on, laminate floors have since been constructed to not only replicate hard surface flooring, but also provide a textured feel that can be compared to other options.

Laminate’s top layer is known as the wear layer. The wear layer allows laminate to be incredibly tough. The layer is made with aluminum oxide, which is second only to diamonds in hardness, to take charge in protecting your floor. This allows your laminate floor to stand up to the toughest of opponents. 

The middle layer for laminate floors is the decorative layer. The decorative layer, or the photographic image layer, allows a home owner to have the image of the flooring option that they want, on their new laminate floor. Buyers can choose, sand, tile, hardwood, or even grass. 

Below the decorative layer is the core layer. The core layer allows your laminate floor product to support the weight of heavy foot traffic. This helps make laminate flooring a great choice for those with busy areas.

The last layer in laminate is the base layer. The base layer provides that extra support to ensure that the laminate floor stays together and will not warp due to any moisture.

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