Hardwood Maintenance

Information on how to help maintain your beautiful hardwood flooring!

Top Hardwood Maintenance Tips

Taking care of hardwood floors isn't difficult or time-consuming, and proper hardwood maintenance can help increase its longevity and safeguard its appearance. Normal hardwood care simply requires regular sweeping and weekly vacuuming. However, there are some other things you can do and things you should avoid when caring for your floors: 

Things You Should Do

  • Sweep or dust frequently (daily, if possible) using a soft-bristled broom or a microfiber mop, especially in the areas that receive the most foot traffic. This prevents the accumulation of dirt and other abrasive particles that can scratch the surface of wood flooring. 
  • Clean wood floors periodically with a cleaner recommended by the hardwood manufacturer only.
  • Place functional area rugs by places that collect dirt and other corrosive substances before they are tracked throughout your home and cause damage. Place them by all doors and in other high-traffic-areas, like under the kitchen sink. 
  • Use protective furniture pads to prevent scratching. These are especially important under dining room chairs and heavy furniture. 
  • Use window coverings to block direct sunlight, as UV rays and high heat can cause hardwood floors to fade. Even with blinds, wood does fade over time, so rearrange furniture and rugs occasionally to ensure it fades evenly as it ages. 
  • Wipe up spills as soon as possible. 
  • Keep pets' nails trimmed and their paws clean. Just like us, they often track in potentially damaging substances. 

Things You Should Avoid

  • Avoid mopping or steaming floors with water. Water can damage the wood and dull the finish. 
  • Avoid using wax or other household cleaning products mixed with water, such as soap, oil, or paste wax. Do not use vinyl or tile-floor cleaning products, as acrylic waxes can cause hardwood floors to appear dull. 
  • Avoid wearing shoes with spikes and high heels that are damaged. These easily and efficiently scratch the surface of wood floors. 
  • When moving or rearranging a room, do not slide furniture. Lift all furniture, even if you're only moving it a short distance. 

Proper hardwood care and hardwood maintenance will ensure your wood flooring stays beautiful for decades to come. To learn more about hardwood maintenance, contact Boatman Carpet One Floor & Home in Cypress, TX.

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