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About Hardwood Flooring

Universally appealing, hardwood flooring has been prized for centuries for its unique and enduring beauty. It’s easy to see why. Adding instant value to just about any home, hardwood is a striking addition that can be incorporated into many different decorating styles. Once properly installed and sealed, your hardwood floor can last for a lifetime (often, several!) That’s why hardwood has remained a steady favorite for generations of homeowners.

What Is the Difference Between Solid and Engineered Hardwood?

Generally, you’ll find two types of hardwood flooring offered up on today’s market: engineered hardwood and solid hardwood. Engineered hardwood is made from multiple layers of laminated wood, while solid hardwood consists of one single piece of wood.

While solid hardwood can be damaged by moisture, engineered hardwood is more structurally sound and can be used in finished basements and bathrooms. Engineered wood also tends to be more inexpensive.

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Your Local Hardwood Experts

Boatman Carpet One Floor & Home is your local leader when it comes to hardwood flooring. We offer one of the Houston area's biggest selections of hardwood, and we also provide expert design and installation services. Our featured hardwood brands are Armstrong and Anderson. Visit our Cypress showroom today to learn more.

Learn About Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood's Advantages

Hardwood, because of its natural construction, can add unique style and luxury to any home setting.

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Hardwood Options

There are a few different hardwood options available, but fortunately we can help you make the perfect choice for your home.

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Hardwood Installation

We work with teams of professional installers who can handle hardwood installation from beginning to end.

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Hardwood Warranties

As part of Carpet One, we can offer reliable warranties with some of our exclusive hardwood brands.

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