Carpet Maintenance

Proper carpet maintenance can help keep your carpet looking great for years to come!

The Importance of Proper Carpet Maintenance

Carpet adds both beauty and style to a home.  It also provides comfort and warmth to any room in the house.  To keep your carpet in the best shape possible, regular carpet maintenance is important.  Not only is it fairly easy to do, there are many benefits to taking care of your carpet.

Benefits of Taking Care of Your Carpet

When you regularly care for your carpet, not only does your home look cleaner, you are also protecting yourself and your family from potentially harmful allergens.  Many unseen contaminants can linger in the carpet such as dust mites, dirt, pollen, and pet fur.  Without regular cleaning, these allergens can become trapped in the carpet fibers.  Once these do become trapped, only professional cleaning can effectively remove them. 

Regular carpet maintenance also has the added benefit of extending the life of your carpet.  Carpets can take a lot of wear and tear, especially in high traffic areas.  Soil and debris that get trapped in the carpet fibers can wear the carpet down over time.  And this means you may have to replace your carpet sooner than you would like to.  However, with proper maintenance, your carpet will look great for many years to come.

How to Maintain Your Carpet

So what exactly do you need to do to keep you carpet clean?  First of all, try not to track dirt inside the house if at all possible.  Have an area rug at every major entrance to your home.  Secondly, make sure to vacuum often.  Invest in a good vacuum and try to vacuum at least once or twice a week, especially in high traffic areas.  If you keep up with regular vacuuming, along with a factory recommended professional cleaning, your flooring investment will look great for years to come!

Occasionally unavoidable accidents happen.  If you spill a beverage such as coffee or soda on the carpet, it is important to treat the spill right away.  Otherwise, the sticky residue attracts more dirt from regular foot traffic and can cause a discoloration.  After using a manufacturer and warranty approved cleaning solution on the spill, make sure to rinse with water and blot the area dry. Following these steps can help ensure that your carpet will look great for many years to come. To learn more about carpet maintenance, contact Boatman Carpet One Floor & Home in Cypress, TX.

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